3 reasons why you should seek a new job during holiday season


Ireland’s peak holiday season is traditionally July, August and December. Many people decide not to apply for jobs during this period as they either assume employers are away on holidays or they themselves are in holiday mode and enjoying the great weather (in July and August). Applying for a new job and capitalising on a raft of opportunities are often the furthest thing from their mind.

However, the holiday season is often the ideal opportunity to apply for what potentially could be your dream job as:


Less competition

With the competition “basking in the Summer sunshine” or preparing for Christmas, these holiday periods are the ideal opportunity to strike and apply for a new job.


New holiday entitlements

A new employer will be aware of you potentially losing your holiday entitlements by moving during the holiday season. If you have not already taken a vacation, this could be a major reason behind why you are reluctant to apply for a new job until September or January. A new employer will be aware of this and may allow you to start later or let you take a small vacation shortly after commencement to keep you onside and at the same time honouring your annual vacation time.


Free guidance and Budgets

During December a recruiter will have much more time to give you guidance in regards your next career move, whereas January will be their busiest month. Many companies have a “use it or lose it” policy when it comes to recruitment budgets so many HR managers are frantically trying to fill roles in December, as the holiday season rapidly approaches.

July and August are the busiest months in Dublin airport. In July 2017, 3.12 million people passed through Dublin airport. Many of these holiday makers could pose as your competition if you were to apply for a job in January or February. Why not use this opportunity to get ahead of your competition increase the chances of landing your dream job

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