3 Useful tips for getting back into the groove after the holiday break

After all the excitement of Christmas and New Year which personally involved overindulging in food and one too many cocktails, people are now getting back into the groove for 2019. Some individuals may face various challenges to get back into their daily work routine.

The following list of tips will help you to get through January unscathed.

1.Embrace the post holiday blues

Most people hate the return to work after the Christmas break and for many, it’s one of the worst feelings they experience all year. It is essential to understand that it’s perfectly fine to feel gloomy and accept the fact that first few days back in work will be hard even though you may be considered the most positive person in your office!

The first week back to work decide on something you would look forward to. Going to the cinema to watch a new movie, getting coffee with a friend or even gym membership are just a few suggestions. These types of activities should help you to overcome the January blues.

2.Get yourself prepared and don’t forget to prioritise work-related tasks

Returning to work after the Christmas break could be challenging enough. However, doing a little planning a night before and prioritising the urgent tasks first thing in the morning could make your first day back at work a lot easier. Make sure you get as many things organised the night before including purse/wallet, bag, keys, travelcard, lunchbox etc. Spend the first few hours of your morning going through the urgent tasks, this will get a head start.

Also, if you are a coffee drinker, don’t forget to spoil yourself with a nice takeaway coffee on the way to work to make your day more enjoyable.

3.Set goals for the year ahead

This last tip that will help you survive going back to work is to create a new mindset and stay motivated by setting new goals. Try to come up with a couple of new goals every year to learn something new and maintain a healthy work-life balance. On achieving these goals, you will receive a nice boost of confidence which eventually will help you to be prepared to take on any future challenges. Some goal examples include improved time management, increased mindfulness, better communication skills etc.

All combined, these tips should make the first few weeks of January much less of a drudge and actually make it something to look forward to after the holiday break.

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