4 Great Tips for Working from Home Effectively Amid Covid-19

Working from home is great until the child drops on the floor screaming while you are on a conference call or the cat jumps up on your computer screen. Due to current disruption regarding Covid-19, NOW it’s a necessity to know how to implement the following tips to make sure you feel in control of the social disruption. Differently to “office” office the “home” office is a challenging psychological disruption and you are not the only one in the same boat.

  1. Establish a Daily Routine

When our routine is suddenly disrupted, we tend to go through a number of emotional stages such as frustration, despair, helplessness and restlessness. For you to get back a routine control, you will have to imitate your previous work regime as close as possible. If you always wake up at 6 a.m., then continue on following that exact same plan. If you like going for a swim in the morning or mediate for half an hour before work, then continue that routine. Otherwise, you lose a sense of normalcy if you don’t stick to a daily schedule.

  1. Take Scheduled Breaks

It is critical to take breaks to make sure you rest your eyes and your brains. When you are in the office you get easily distracted by your colleagues. Someone comes around for a quick chat or asks if you want to go grab coffee. Even if you are working remotely you can still take small breaks throughout the day. Small things like coffee/tea break or a 10 min workout could assist in maintaining a positive mental health.

  1. Don’t Overdo It

Working remotely is amazing but one of the biggest mistakes people do is that they work more. A vast majority of individuals are like that because they feel guilty that they are working remotely and don’t want to leave a bad impression to their boss or colleagues to be thinking that they are slacking off. Create a daily timeline for yourself and stick with it. There will be other things that need your attention like spending extra time with your loved ones.

  1. Leave Home

Apparently, you are less active when working from home, therefore it is vital to leave home and give yourself a new space to breathe or exercise. Your body needs to move, fresh air and new scenery and that could lead to positive mind. Especially, in the event of COVID-19 it is critical to get out and take a break from your routine workplace. However, it is essential that you wisely control your environment to keep yourself and everyone safe – especially if you are social distancing and self-quarantining.

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