4 Tips to Navigate Your Way Around Your Travel Addiction When Working Full Time

When it comes to summer more people start planning holidays to spend a quality time with beloved friends and family. However, a small segment of the human population struggle to understand that we also want to see the world, even though we love our job so much! Life is too short and precious, and we all need to live in this moment.

The following tips will help you to travel as much as possible while working full time.

1.Combine weekends, annual leave days and public holidays for longer journeys

If you are considering going on holidays, look up how many public holidays are in the calendar year?

There are 9 Bank Holidays in the Irish calendar year: https://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/ireland/

Weekends and public holidays are hugely important when it comes to travelling. In addition, extra days gives you more time to enjoy your trip and save some of your annual leave days for the next destination.

2.Explore a destination as much as possible by renting a car

To make the most of your time in a new destination why don’t you rent a car to see a new location and what it has to offer. In some parts of the world a car rental is relatively cheap and instead of picking up a car from the airport you can check the local car rentals beforehand as it will save you time and effort on waiting in a long queue unnecessarily and it is unlikely you will have to pay a hefty deposit

3.Big advantage if you can work remotely!

People who have an opportunity to work remotely are so lucky. It is now possible to do some work in airports, on planes, trains or basically anywhere where there is Wi-Fi! It helps you not to waste any minute of your travel time. Moreover, if you decide to prolong your holidays to enjoy a little bit more of Caribbean weather you can easily do that if your boss is happy about it and you are willing to work remotely abroad while everybody around you is sipping exotic cocktails at the pool.

4.Don’t say no to long flights on short trips

Majority of individuals would agree that quality time with people you love is what it really matters. If you want to fly over to New York or Dubai over the Bank Holiday weekend, do it then! Don’t limit yourself by flight time and start creating life-lasting memories.  A little jet lag is nothing in comparison to an amazing trip.

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