Dublin Boasts Over 233,000 Professional and Technical Occupations

DublinThe 2016 census found that Dublin, with a population of 1.34m, have the far the largest number of workers in professional and technical occupations in the country. In fact, 141,708 people living in Dublin categorised their occupation as being “professional”.  The census gives examples of professional occupations being legislators, senior officials, accountants, engineers, solicitors (etc.). Professionals generally have a primary degree in their chosen profession.

91,590 of Dublin residents categorised their occupation as being Associate Professional and Technical. Examples of jobs which fit into this category are teachers, nurses, laboratory technicians, social workers, Insurance brokers, buyers, estate agents and supervisors. Most jobs in this sector, in a similar vein to the professional sector require a third level qualification.

There is also a huge administrative and secretarial talent pool in Dublin, with over 78,000 working in this sector in Dublin alone.

Interestingly, there appears to be a shortage of skilled trades people in Dublin. Dublin, with a population of 1.34m have 54,209 workers in the skilled trade sector. The Southwest region, with a significantly smaller population of 690,575 nearly have the same amount of skilled trades people, at 53,323 in this sector in the Southwest.

The 2016 census is a valuable resource for companies considering moving to Ireland as they can easily assess where the largest talent pools reside before taking other factors into consideration such as quality of life, the regulatory and market landscape along with the educational system in the country.

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