Everyone Needs a Jackie Tyrrell in their organisation


Jackie_TyrrellKilkenny wins its eleventh All Ireland hurling final in seventeen years, an achievement unlikely ever to be seen again in the great game. After a flat first half by Kilkenny standards, an injured Jackie Tyrrell steps up to the plate and gives a rousing speech which inspired Kilkenny to go on an win the Liam Mc Carthy cup for the eleventh time in seventeen years.

Despite being plagued by injury the much respected hurler took to the floor of the dressing room at half time when manager, Brian Cody left the dressing room. He was openly critical of the players in an impassioned speech where he told them that the first half was not good enough and it was “not what we were born and bred on”. He also challenged his fellow players with the vivid language of Galway ”walking up the steps” to receive the Liam Mc McCarthy cup and whether they were going to sit back a let this happen. He also went on to say that he has seen Kilkenny players ”hit each other harder in training”. The players rose to this challenge and were described as terriers in the second half, challenging for every ball as if their lives depended on it.

So why does everyone need a Jackie Tyrrell in their organisation?

Most successful organisations are composed of teams where individuals take ownership and inspire each other onto success. It often takes a member of staff who is highly regarded by their colleagues to endorse a particular strategy before it gets full buy in from other staff members. If the person is a positive and motivated Jackie Tyrrell type character who encourages the rest of the team to take ownership for their own futures and outcomes, the result is usually success.

The other advantage of having a Jackie Tyrrell in your organisation is that the traditional conflict and resistance between management and staff is removed as it is a fellow employee, of equal standing, who is inspiring the rest of the team onto victory/success.

Tyrrells inspirational speech has been added to the GAA annals of great half time speeches, which was delivered with such passion, that according to his fellow players “the hair was standing on the back of their necks”
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