Could Fortnite potentially be a good recruitment tool?

Media company, Dare.Win recently carried out the first job interview on PlayStation’s phenomenally popular game, Fortnite, where they scheduled a game with potential candidates and made a job offer based on the candidates/players behaviour during the game.

The best recruitment process, they claim, is about spending good time with future employees so Fortnite is an ideal opportunity to fulfil this objective. There are huge branding benefits for Dare.Win when you consider that, according to a recent article in the Guardian, Fortnite reached 125 million active players in June. It is equivalent to the whole population of Japan playing Fortnite.

Dare.Win believes that Fortnite could garnish valuable interest from giant media sector companies such as Sony or YouTube in their recruitment process.

As a recruiter, what are the main benefits you can extrapolate from this popular game?

Candidates can easily demonstrate leadership and team work skills. Perhaps there are toxic members in your team, which may cause the team to lose the game several times? Teach them how to behave in Fortnite according to team requirements. That’s a way to demonstrate your leadership skills whilst at the same time altering the behaviour of a toxic employee.

Thomas Brouchon who once introduced himself as a “creative Ninja from Dare.Win” said: “do not seek the candidates to win their games but show their good attitude with their partners to the problem”.

These creative people believe that if you behave in this way on Fortnite you will behave the same way if you join their company.

This phenomenal game can also potentially measure how you handle stress. The closer to victory you are, your stress levels will eventually rise and how you handle this additional stress can be easily monitored.

Fortnite is excellent game to learn how to control stress and behaving as successfully as possible in a team. These skills are important for your future employers.

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