Hobbies and Interests on your CV

hobbies on your CVHave you ever decided not to leave your hobbies and interests on your CV because you don’t see them as relevant to the job you are applying for? Think twice before you do this, as most employers want to delve beyond your achievements and find out more about your true personality, your drive, your ambition and creativity. This can be easily exemplified under the heading: hobbies and interests.

For example, if you are going for a sales role, the fact that you are top scorer on your football team or excel at anything competitive outside of work has the potential to set you apart from the competition. If you have a successful story to accompany your hobby or interest, even better. Take a musical hobby for example. Your story could go something like this “I started playing the piano five years ago as I really admire the music of Richard Clayderman and Phil Coulter. After much practice and many expensive piano lessons, I am looking forward to sitting my Grade 6 exam this weekend. My piano teacher is delighted and claims that I am the fastest student she has ever witnessed at working through piano grades, having started from scratch.”

If you are applying for a job leading a high potential start-up which requires a calculated risk taker, extreme sports, where you are always pushing the boundaries, can look impressive on your CV. However, if you applying for a job as a compliance manager or as a solicitor, this may raise a few eyebrows as they do not require risk takers and may question if you are a safety risk to yourself and the company alike.

Another great sport which people working in highly pressurised environments admire is Yoga as it is a great way to exemplify to an employer how you wind down and handle pressure after a tough day at the office.

In general, participating in a competitive sport illustrates to an employer that you have drive, motivation and ambition along with having a well-rounded personality. Several employers will take the view that if you can excel in a competitive sport in your personal life, that you have high potential to excel in a competitive working environment.

In conclusion, leave hobbies and interests off your CV at your peril. Your omission will be noted by most interviewers and you could be missing a trick in regards displaying your true personality and how you possess the passion drive and ambition to succeed, which ultimately could make you stand out from the competition.

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