How should you dress for an interview?


dress for an interviewYou shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? Nonsense, when it comes to interviews dress to impress. This is the advice given to most recruitment agents when they ask their clients the question regarding dress code for interview.

To find the right candidate for a job the employer takes a range of issues into consideration, including dress sense, If you turn up in your birthday suit you will probably not get the job and may in fact be arrested.

Dress comfortably.
The most important thing is be comfortable! Wear a suit of clothes that actually fits you. You want to appear relaxed and confident during the interview process and not look like you suffering from asphyxiation due to a tight pair of trousers or an ill-fitting tie.  Take that old advice and shine your shoes, iron your shirt and look smart. It will make all the difference in that job interview if you look like you can do the job and are not there to fix the plumbing.

Dress Accordingly.
If you are interviewing at a top tier law firm do not turn up in trainers and jeans. You have to dress according to the environment you are looking to gain employment in.  Military fatigues may be ok for an interview at an army careers day but stick to a formal dark suit and tie for the law firm. They will appreciate it more and may actually offer you a job.

Your checklist.
A smart formal dark suit that fits
A formal shirt (not Hawaiian)
A formal tie for the boys (save the Mickey Mouse one for your child’s birthday party)
Formal shoes for the ladies and avoid trainers at all costs.

Stick to the tried and tested method of dress code and you will feel more comfortable and confident and this will improve your interview performance and hopefully get you that job you are interviewing for. Good luck!



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