Should I inflate my grades on my CV?

Many Jobs require that you attain a certain grade in your junior cert, leaving cert, or third level degree or Masters. You feel that this is a silly pre-requisite to you landing your dream job.  You inflate your results? What could possible go wrong?

Many employers will use a screening company to substantiate your results. They will request that original transcripts be included with your job submission and will check one off the other. There is no escape in saying that you have lost or mislaid your original transcript as your college provide these for a small fee. It is the junior cert or leaving cert in question you can get a copy of your results by filling out a simple form on www.examinations.ie.

Companies may view inflating results on your CV as fraud, which could not only cost you your job but could get you involved in a legal wrangle. This is especially relevant where companies clearly publish the attainment of a grade as a pre-requisite to being called for an interview. In conclusion, many feel it is a calculated risk to embellish results, but I would urge you to err on the side of caution as what you may consider a “white lie” could get you into a lot of hot water in the long run.

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