Should I Put My Photo on My CV?

photoThe blunt answer is no, do not put your photo on your CV! You may feel that adding a photo to your CV will differentiate you and make your CV stand out from other CV’s, whilst making you more likeable to your prospective employer as you have a lovely photo. However, the opposite effect to what you intended is usually the case.

Recruiters and hirers are very cognisant of the rules surrounding discrimination relating to race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation and nationality and disability in the hiring process. Some ultra-cautious recruiters may consider it a safer option not to shortlist you rather that being accused of favouring you because of your photo.

On the other side of the coin, you could potentially be discriminated against if your traits fit into an unconscious negative bias your hirer may have. You may not be shortlisted by this person and you may never know the reason why. In essence, you don’t want to play into any unconscious biases by putting a photo on your CV. Instead your objective should be to get a potential employer to focus on your skills, experience and achievements rather than wasting time looking at your mugshot. The majority of employers will google you and have a look at your Facebook and LinkedIn pages prior to meeting you. There is an inherent danger that you may have a perfectly photoshopped professional photo on your CV but your Facebook photos may let you down. Be warned!

In conclusion, unless you are going for a modelling or acting job, a photo on your CV will only be a distraction and is best avoided for a variety of good reasons.

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