Key Trends of Multilingual, Call Centre & Customer Service in 2020 Abrivia Salary Survey

Abrivia’s multilingual recruitment team recruits for Local & Multinational companies that require recruitment support for multilingual professionals across all sectors. In 2019 we saw continued demand for Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, German, Dutch and Danish Languages as the most sought after in multilingual professionals which will continue into 2020. With GDP growth of close to 6% for 2019 (ESRI) and the Irish economy being the fastest growing market in the Euro Zone this has impacted on recruitment with close to full employment. A large number of companies are attracted to Ireland and are continuing to grow and set up hubs in Dublin. With the uncertainty of Brexit Dublin has an even greater appeal to global companies. The most notable growth sectors have been online advertising, online retail, IT, Insurance and Financial Services.

In 2019 we saw a continued demand for candidates across all sectors and with some uncertainty in the market due to Brexit. Irish economic growth set to continue in 2020. According to Economic & Social Research Institute’s Quarterly Economic Commentary 2019, the Irish economy looks set to perform well in 2019, with the headline GDP rate forecast to increase by 4.9%. In 2020, the economy is expected to grow by 3.1%. We foresee a similar demand for multilingual & customer service staff in 2020 with unemployment rates hitting a low of 4.9% in October 2019. Salaries have increased in 2019 and companies are also looking at creative ways to retain candidates offering retention bonuses and salary increments based on length of service. Candidates are now also relying heavily on companies’ reputations and are doing their research online as company culture, employee appreciation, training, development and opportunities to progress are all key factors for candidates looking for a new role. Candidates have an expectation that their salaries will be competitive and are more concerned about company culture, development and progressive opportunities. Clients are very focused on hiring candidates that fit the company culture and will hire based on behavioural and competency-based interviews and will forego experience in junior level roles in order to fill urgent vacancies and invest in training.

What is notable to mention is that in this area a large number of candidates are relocating to Dublin to fill vacancies but the biggest concern for candidates is the shortage of rental accommodation which is cited again and again as a massive disincentive for relocating to Dublin. A lot of candidates have a preference for Ireland over the UK due primarily to the uncertainty of Brexit but the negative media attention regarding the housing crisis has raised many concerns for potential candidates.

We anticipate continued growth in the multilingual, call centre & customer service jobs market for 2020. As the country hits full employment and companies continue to grow. With this growth, we expect also to see an increase in counter offers also as employers are willing to pay more to keep valuable employees.

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