Nailing the Initial Meeting

As we have all heard, it only takes a couple of seconds to make a good or bad first impression, so when you are meeting a recruiter, candidate or potential client we must we aware of how we present ourselves. You don’t want an initial greeting to be like the Carlsberg ad and become overcomplicated.

Below are 10 things that can really help nail those first impressions:

  1. Your Presentation
    • Be neat, tidy and well presented.
  1. The Handshake
    • Avoid the weak and limp handshake. Be strong but not too firm.
  1. Eye Contact
    • Look your interviewer/candidate/client in the eye and if your meeting or interview is with more than one person, don’t just look at the person who asked the question and definitely don’t look at the floor or out the window.
  1. Be Prepared
    • Research the company and who you are meeting with.
    • If it’s an interview
      1. Know your CV inside and out – know your KPI’s, achievements and anything that may be useful for that role.
      2. Know the job spec – ensure that you highlight the areas that you have experience in.
      3. Have relevant examples prepared.
      4. Bring fresh and new ideas – what makes you different to the other candidates.
  1. Listen and Don’t Interrupt
    • Let your interviewer/candidate/client finish what they were saying.
  1. Don’t Waffle
    • Answer the question and don’t let nerves get in the way to make you doubt whether or not your answer was ok. We always recommend using the STAR technique in interviews to cover all aspects of a situational question.
  1. Body Language is super important
    • Sit up straight, it can be very easy to get too comfortable.
  1. Always accept the offer of water
    • Your mouth can go dry easily when nervous and sometimes it can be a good distraction if you are asked a question and need to think about how to answer.
  1. Go the extra mile
    • Don’t just rely on the information you can find online – going to visit stores or competitors can be a great advantage and shows initiative and interest.
  1. Take Notes
    • Bring a notepad and pen with you to your meeting – it has proven to impress clients when candidates take notes after asking questions about the role.
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