Office Etiquette on Valentine’s Day

valentines dayA recent survey by Irish Life Empower found that 22% of office workers had an office romance at some stage in their career whilst more than a third have had an office crush in the past. This makes Valentine’s day a particularly tricky time of year in the office.

1.Should I buy a big bouquet for Blathnaid in logistics?

The short answer is no, even if your romance is well known and acknowledged in the office, it is much better to send that huge bouquet of roses to Blathnaid at home and not make your colleagues feel uncomfortable by your display of undying love.

2.I love Seamus, my direct boss, should I get him a gift?

Again, the short answer is no. If word gets out to the rest of the office, this may cause unnecessary speculation and when it comes to review time there may be some raised eyebrows amongst co-workers at the raise you obtained.

3.Exersice discretion and empathy

If a dozen red roses arrive in reception for someone who sits beside a heartbroken colleague, exercise discretion and leave the roses in reception until lunchtime or the person can pick up the roses when they are going home.

4.Decide to declare your love in front of the whole office

This is best avoided as it could easily back fire, especially if it comes “out of the blue” or as a shock to the recipient. Send your card or gift anonymously or discreetly to remain on the safe side. The alternative could prove to be a very awkward situation for the whole office.

Misanthropy defines someone who hates love or even hates people in general. Whilst you don’t want to be regarded as a mean-spirited misanthropist you should exercise discretion in the office on Valentine’s day in order to avoid any embarrassing situations.

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