Your preferred coffee reveals a lot about who you are

The type of coffee you drink tells a lot about your behaviour and your personality.


It is said that the latte drinker has issues with decision making. Overanalysing problems and situations often leads to procrastination. Latte drinkers are considered dreamers with vivid imaginations. Comfort and creativity play a major part in your life.


A natural leader allows you to manage your life with strength and conviction. Your leadership skills ensure you get things done efficiently and with minimum fuss. You are an inspiration to people around you in your professional and social life.

Double Espresso

If you drink double Expresso meaning that you are a rational person who believe in logic. The double drink allows you to be hard working and do what it needs to be done to your professional career advancement.

Iced Coffee

Always caring about others, your happy demeanour allows you to never waste your time with unnecessary drama. You can control your emotions and are assertive to the people around you.


Adventurous, you are living spontaneously and appreciate of every moment of life, you are following your path regardless of hazard and you are not concerned about planning every detail of your life. Positive, full of energy and easy going are considered your best strength.

Regular Black Coffee

Your cup of black coffee in hand makes you a minimalist. Your straightforward approach is a key driver in your career. Your associates and family really appreciate your advice. The people around you like your directness and your clear vision of the future.


Sophisticated, polite and helpful who is always helping your friends and colleagues with style and elegance. You are very sociable and other people love your infectious energy. Even if you do not like Cappuccino, you should start drinking it right now.

Regular Coffee – Cream and sugar

You are messy and organized at the same time. Creativity and logic combined. Perhaps, you should not have so much sugar in your coffee? You always have too much sugar in you cup.  You always have fun and are very productive at the office. Your colleagues sometimes view you as slightly eccentric.

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