Red Alert, Red Alert and working from home

Red Alert Red Alert is what we all woke up to on Wednesday morning!  I got up, looked out at a beautiful blanket of snow and commenced my journey to work. After the car slipped for the second time, I made the call to work from home. I called my boss and he agreed it was a better option.

I work from home about twice a month, so I am all set up for remote working.

As the weather warning first came to light earlier this week our Managing Director told us all to check system access including logons and be ready to potentially work from home when ‘The Beast from East’ finally arrived. We were the lucky ones as our MD is forward thinking enough to realise the importance of having such a contingency plan.

My boss trusts me to do my job at home. Many employers are not so accommodating as they perceive working from home will lead to a lack of productivity. I believe this thinking is bad management and it is essentially a control issue.

Why do more employers not offer this option? A working from home policy would be a real benefit that will set your organisation apart. ‘Employer of Choice’ is the top priority for employers and trying to create a culture which is supportive and trusting-so why do more employers not make it a policy? There are many provisions that an employer can put in place to ensure employees are being productive. Having a working from home policy will contribute to a highly engaged workforce and can play a pivotal role in attracting new talent to your organisation.

As a mother of four children, having this arrangement is such a great benefit to me and my family. I am so grateful to be given this opportunity and work harder and longer to make sure that it is never taken away.

So, what are the benefits?


Remote working works for me, it’s logical.

My advice is that employers should not just implement working from home on ‘Red Alert Days’; instead bring in a working from home policy; realise the benefits for employees and the organisation at large. Set up a policy; establish goals/rhythms of communication and metrics and acknowledge it’s a no-brainer in regards employee satisfaction and productivity.

Just ask yourself this question: How many employees are being paid today for sitting at home watching TV? I bet you that the employees of companies that have a working remotely policy in place are more productive today and during the last few days!

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