So Why Use A Good Recruitment Company?

Agency recruiters very often get a bad rep for overselling and under delivering on their services and rightly so in some cases. Every cold call or email you receive will purport how unique they are and that they are not like other recruitment agencies. It usually becomes obvious that these aren’t differentiators at all, but in fact similarities.

In this tight, competitive, candidate lead market, finding and hiring the ideal candidate is quite hard. This is why many companies turn to recruitment agencies for direction and support when hiring. The challenge is selecting the right agency that will deliver on your bespoke requirement. Choosing the right agency to partner with is worth its weight in gold. A good agency should help improve the efficiency of your organisation’s operation in more than one way as they aim to eliminate a number of time-consuming activities; identifying, screening and delivering strong candidates. Not to mention conducting market research and on-boarding follow up.

So, what are the main benefits and value adds of using a good recruitment company?

Saving Precious Time:

As alluded to, the hiring process can be quite time-consuming. When posting a role, you will be inundated with emails and calls from candidates who are not the fit for the role. Screening this large number, interviewing the shortlist, and making an offer (hoping he/she accepts) is time consuming. Time is of course a crucial element in any organisation. Just as important as finding the right candidate for the job.  Recruiters recruit for a living. A recruiter worth their salt, will know their market and know where to locate the right talent. They are trained to scan and deliver candidates based on the job specifications presented to them. Once they have a grasp on your needs and understand your culture, it’s up to them to deliver.  The good thing about this is that you start with a shortlist of the best talent in the market. This is a great advantage that can significantly shorten the full cycle recruiting process. In other words, you can hire the best candidate much faster!

Quality Is Key:

As well as saving you time, getting the right candidate for your bespoke requirement is essential. The main advantage of using a recruitment agency is that most of them have dedicated consultants focusing on a particular area of skillset.  They will know their market, where to find the best talent, and how to sell the opportunity. Headhunting in today’s market is critical as most candidates are not actively looking for new positions and some inhouse recruiters may not be able to “poach” staff from competing business due to agreements in place. Recruiters are able to secure the accurate talent for your company, that you at times might miss out on. Not to mention agencies talk to people for a living and by a result of this they will have an abundance of market intelligence.

 The Process:

Most business are too small nor have a need for a dedicated in-house recruiter. In effect, these organisations lack the expertise and resources to find and hire the best candidates. The recruitment process is at the core of what an agency does as a business so best to leave it to the professionals. Using an agency or outsourcing your recruitment process will reduce your time to hire, increase efficiency’s, and enable scalability of your hiring demands and build in a more robust, predictable talent acquisition strategy.

Flexibility and Security:

Agencies only invoice if they successful place the bespoke candidate into a role. Coupled with these, there is typically a guarantee period of anything from 3-6 months. We effectively work for free until we place the candidate. Agencies also offer a number of flexible ways of recruiting talent and in today’s gig economy this holds the utmost importance. Be it day rate contracting, fixed term contracts, temporary staff or permanent hires, recruitment agencies offer it all.

Business is about gaining that competitive edge, and people being your greatest asset allow you to do that. Partnering with an agency is free and there are a number of inherit benefits outlined above in doing so. Re-evaluate if you as a company are missing out on the benefits of having an agency on your side to help minimise your external work and more importantly get the best available talent on the marketplace.

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