Transition from College to Work

collegeSo, you’ve finished college, you’ve spent 3 or 4 years or maybe more studying, and it’s finally over.  The transition from college to a full- time job can be challenging to say the least, however with some guidance this is an exciting time, and is a reflection on how hard you have worked and now it’s time to reap the rewards. In order to make the transition from college to the working life a little easier there are three main tips which you can follow:

Be Patient and Realistic:

You may have always had an idea in your head on what company you want to work for, what job you want to be doing and what salary you want to achieve. It’s important to have goals, but you must remember that often to get your dream job, you have to work your way up. My advice would be to be patient, be willing to learn, and create SMART goals for the short and the long term, and there is no doubt that you can achieve these goals with persistence, hard work and patience.

Stick to a budget:

Being a student usually involves little opportunity to save money, however once you are working full time and now earning a much more sizeable pay check every month, it’s very easy to create spending habits well over your means, and by the middle of the next month you are struggling to scramble change for the bus. To maximise your pay check, set up a credit union where a set amount of your pay check gets deducted each month, learn to cook, bring in your lunch when you can to save your money. Budget your month for rent and any other expenses and make sure not to blow it all at once.

Always be open to Learn:

When you’ve spent significant time studying it’s easy to think that you are ready to work and have all the knowledge and skills that you could possibly need. However, I cannot stress enough how much you will learn in a full time job. A full-time job will provide you with real world examples of how business works, and it is essential that you use your job as an opportunity to learn, so be open to new ideas, new ways of doing things and take it all in!

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