Who Hires An Executive Leadership Coach?


leadership coachWell – for the most significant professional relationship you will experience, the answer is simple! YOU hire an Executive Leadership Coach – especially when you are that someone who seeks a confidant, or a sounding board, or needs direction in one or several of these following areas:

• Gifted leaders who want to sustain and enhance their leadership and commutation skills.
• Aspiring leaders who want to grow their leadership capacity and become great leaders.
• Strategic thinkers who want to navigate uncertainty and take advantage of yet-to-be explored opportunities.
• Seasoned leaders seeking work/life balance or preparing for life transitions.
• Emerging executives seeking enhanced executive presence in their newly assigned leadership roles.
• Technically experts seeking to influence broader conversations within their organization or worklife.
• Confident Leaders who want to grow and develop competent and confident future leaders.

Oh – You Are Too Busy!

As an Executive Leadership Coach who supports senior and mid-level managers I recognize know that your time is an extremely valuable commodity. You are busy – that’s what got you here! However, certain behaviors that helped you to become successful today may be standing in the way of tomorrow’s professional advancement. I will coach you to identify and laser-in on specific aspects of your story, which may be holding you back –  so that you can move forward. The focus can be on:

• Awareness of self
• Awareness of others
• Goal setting
• Team building
• Simplify the complex
• Executive decision-making
• Executive presence
• Leadership Capacity

Well – what’s involved????

• Write the story of where you’ve been “up until now” with the understanding that you will “rewrite” those parts of the story that don’t work for you any longer, or have been a misrepresentation of your life to date.
• Be brutally honest about where you are “now”, even to the point of beginning the sentence with the line “The problem is………..”
• Use a clear problem definition process to identify and explore the fear and other impediments to solving the problem.
The execution phase is where you might begin to hate me as I am unrelenting in supporting and encouraging you to execute your plan and achieve your goals. I will help you to execute and sustain quantifiable performance improvements.
Are you now the one Who Hires An Executive Leadership Coach?
• Together we identify a vision and mission statement for the future professional and personal life you aspire to.
• You write your plan.
• You execute your plan.

I coach you on your journey as you navigate through complex and uncertain terrain, and serve as your accountability partner as you pursue your business and personal goals. My coaching style is hands on – humorous, yet unrelenting. I want you to be successful and although each engagement is 100% designed for your needs, we will follow a certain path.

Who Am I?

Dr Tina – aka – Dr. Martina Carroll-Garrison is the owner of MCG Consulting Group, LLC, and I help leaders and executives to speak the story of their lives to a person they can trust, towards achieving self-awareness, work-life balance, increased leadership capacity, and executive presence, all-the-while creating healthy work environments and work relationships. Visit me at my website at  www.mcgconsultinggroup.com

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